Delise Crimmins

Author and Facilitator, SwiftLeadership®

More About Delise

Delise Crimmins is the author of SwiftLeadership Café. Her primary goal is to partner with organizations to get their cultures fit! Delise has successfully helped shape organizations in Panama, Chile, Switzerland, Mexico, in addition to numerous organizations across the United States. Her dynamic style and extensive experience have produced exceptional corporate cultures at companies such as Southwest Airlines, Office Depot, JetBlue Airways, Los Alamos Laboratories, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, the Humane Society of San Antonio, and many others.

As a Human Resources and Organizational Development professional for over 18 years, Delise has helped organizations use their recruiting, hiring, development, compensation and rewards strategies to create remarkable environments. Delise is the Founder of Design Learning ( and has proven that her Design Learning concepts and strategies create corporate cultures where Employees at all levels love to come to work and Customers love the experience.

As one of the leaders of Training and Development for Southwest Airlines, Delise developed and delivered management training to thousands of Employees during the time they were rated one of the Top Ten Companies to work for in America. Her motivational style and knowledge create success for those Employees she works with.

Delise resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Tim and their four children.