Karen Wheeler

Senior Consultant

More About Karen

Karen is a certified Human Resource professional with 25 years of experience in human resource and finance roles. An entrepreneur and executive of her own startups, Karen’s passion is helping companies grow. With her experience in HR leadership roles, Karen has been helping startups and transitional companies with foundational HR needs. She has a passion for setting up efficiency processes using current HRIS technologies to minimize manual processes. Karen has worked with many startups in a variety of industries including biotech, consumer package goods, airlines, sports teams, fishing industry, food service, entertainment and much more.

Working in a variety of industries has provided her with the opportunity to learn best practices and innovation that can be standardized across industries. Karen has experience with multi state compliance as well as Canada. She has helped companies with team culture and understands the difficulties managing remote and multi-national worksites. Karen finds value in taking a company from chaos to clarity.

Karen is a graduate from the University of Washington and a member of SHRM. She values higher education and manages an online study group with over 13,000 who are looking to share ideas and promote HR education and certification.