SwiftLeadership Culture Assessment Survey


Culture + Data = Performance2

Welcome to the Culture Assessment, a data-driven analytics tool that will provide a snapshot of your culture as it exists today and drive you toward targeted training to move the needle on culture.




Through a series of carefully crafted questions, the Culture Assessment garners information from employees and leadership about the current nature of your corporate culture. Results are presented as real-time metrics that show where you are today, in relation to other companies who have taken the assessment and against an ideal. The resulting Action Plan targets the SwiftLeadership® Café modules that best address your opportunities and challenges to change the behaviors that drive performance.

This intentional approach to leadership training lets you select the modules that address your unique situation–essentially giving you laser focus to save time and money while improving behaviors that impact your bottom line.

SwiftLeadership Café Modules include: Facilitator Guide, Power Point Deck, Participant Handouts and all applicable exercises, resources, and materials.