Get access to the HR resources that fit your needs.

Early-stage companies often can’t afford a full-time HR professional, but like having an attorney or an accountant, they need HR expertise. By using SwiftHR-in-a-Box, companies have instant, easy access to the forms, processes, checklists, and templates needed to ensure compliance and best practices are met. These tools can be referenced on an “as-needed” basis to reduce your potential for costly distractions created by litigation and non-compliance while saving valuable time and preserving capital. Create a customized HR foundation that fits your environment.

“SwiftHR-in-a-Box is the most effective ‘out-of-the-box’ solution you’ll ever come across to have current HR information & best practices delivered with consistently superior service. I’ve used Swift’s product and services in a dozen companies over the past 10 years and wouldn’t be without it.”

Susan Sigl, Former Partner SeaPoint Ventures and Former CEO, WTIA

SwiftHR®-in-a-Box gives your company a solid HR foundation that is both culturally-aligned and stage-appropriate. Inside you’ll find:

  • A complete hiring and recruitment guide to attract the best talent possible.
  • Employee communication materials that offer your employees the same level of professionalism as a bigger company.
  • A culturally-aligned orientation program to start your team off right.
  • An employee handbook template to let the entire company know what to expect and what is expected.
  • Performance management guidelines and templates so your team meets your performance objectives.
  • A complete Human Resource Library full of best practices forms, checklists, templates, and programs.
  • Easy web access to all documents.
  • Current State and Federal required postings.
  • Regular, comprehensive updates that ensure ongoing State and Federal compliance.
  • An easy pay-as-you go plan to preserve valuable capital.
  • A comprehensive “roll-out” meeting, onsite visits and access to ongoing phone and e-mail support from your SwiftHR® Consultant.

All materials are customized with your company name, logo, and font. Documents are easily accessible and updated via our online client portal.

These materials have been developed and are used by, practicing HR professionals. We continuously update and add new material, based on current best practices, to ensure that your company is compliant at Federal, State and City levels.

Customize your box and build your HR foundation

“Swift really gets start-ups and their needs all along their growth path…seamlessly integrated with our team as we grew from 3 guys bootstrapping in a basement, to being a VC-backed company with international partners and distribution.”

Bryan Trussel, Co-Founder/CEO, Glympse