Our clients are growing and changing constantly.

Successful companies continuously focus on increasing leadership capacity. Our solutions help even the smallest company develop their teams and individuals. Through workshops, coaching, and/or self-facilitated sessions we help you navigate the delicate balance between managing activities and leading people. SwiftLeadership Development allows organizations to custom-select the information critical to the growth of their employees and the success of their business.

Our SwiftLeadership Workshops are appropriate for managers at all levels, as well as individual contributors. Our SwiftLeadership Café enables organizations to develop their own self-facilitated, internal training program using our custom content framework. Through SwiftLeadership Coaching, our certified coaches work to increase effectiveness and impact of your leaders company-wide.

“SwiftLeadership products enabled us to turn new managers into outstanding leaders.”

-Frank Coyle, President, Point It

HR products and solutions to help organizations at every stage

SwiftLeadership® Workshops

Virtual and in-person workshops are available for your managers and individual contributors to build their leadership skills.  Your leaders will enjoy an invigorating session designed to elevate skills with practical tips, tools, and strategies they can put to use right away.

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SwiftLeadership® Café

SwiftLeadership Café is a training program that provides organizations the framework to create your own internal leadership development program. The Café enables you to stop thinking of learning as a single training event and shifts your organization into a learning culture.

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SwiftLeadership® Coaching

SwiftLeadership certified Coaches work with leaders and managers to increase their effectiveness and impact across your entire organization and in their teams. Coaching focuses on the future and fosters individual and group performance.

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