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SwiftLeadership Café is an off-the-shelf training program that provides organizations the framework to create your own internal leadership development program.

Each module is 30-60 minutes in length, allowing practical leadership tools to be developed within the organization without taking time away from your day-to-day business.

Our program is designed to be delivered by your managers to your front-line supervisors during their regularly scheduled staff meetings. This leader-led style gives your managers an opportunity to lead their employees. The topics are designed to be taught in any order, based on the needs of your organization. The entire organization will benefit if it focuses on the same topics at the same time, creating a shared language and builds a leadership culture.

Subscribing to SwiftLeadership® Café gives you access to:

  • Customized web portal login access
  • Each module comes with PPT, complete facilitator guide with facilitation instructions, assessment tools, small group exercises and templates
  • “Train-the-trainer” session for all internal facilitators
  • Designed to be delivered by leaders to frontline supervisors during regularly scheduled staff meetings (each module is 30-60 minutes in length)
  • Ability to maintain portal with product updates for a low monthly maintenance fee after initial hosting period

In Their Words…

“Effective Communication delivered just what the title promised. After going through this SwiftLeadership Cafe module with the Drift team, we were better able to understand each other’s communication styles, resulting in less miscommunication and increased organizational effectiveness. I still hear team members talking about their communication styles today!”

– Whitney Hillis, Drift

SwiftLeadership® Café Modules:

Building Accountability

  • Define the accountable organization
  • Understand the benefits of increased accountability and the impact of low accountability
  • Learn elements present in accountable organizations
  • Identify ways to nurture and sustain a culture of accountability

Conducting Effective Meetings

  • Learn to scrutinize the need for a meeting
  • Understand meeting planning fundamentals
  • Learn how to design an outcome-based agenda
  • Explore some facilitation best practices
  • Identify ways to support follow up and follow through on meeting outcomes

Creating a Shared Team Purpose

  • Understand the importance of a shared team purpose
  • Explore the implications of no shared purpose, and opposing purposes
  • Learn a simple 2-step tool to find out if you have a shared purpose
  • Learn how to create a shared purpose and align team members

Creating Effective Teams

  • Learn the definition of an effective team
  • Identify actions that support team effectiveness
  • Measure your team’s effectiveness

Creating Lasting Employee Engagement

  • Learn the definition of employee engagement
  • Understand why engagement is critical to organizational success
  • Identify ways to create “sticky” engagement

Decision Making in Leadership

  • Learn the seven steps in decision making
  • Understand the “yes, and” concept
  • Explore the Six Thinking Hats as a powerful tool for effective decision making
  • Navigate a decision-making exercise to put new learning into practice

Effective Coaching

  • Understand coaching as an essential part of management
  • Learn a coaching tool that optimizes outcomes
  • Explore coaching behaviors

Effective Communication

  • Learn and understand your communication style through a communication assessment
  • Understand other communication styles
  • Learn how understanding styles supports communication effectiveness

Efficient Time Management

  • Learn the impact of wasted time
  • Examine how we spend our time
  • Use a Prioritization Matrix to analyze time
  • Learn time management strategies

High-Impact Hiring

  • Learn about high impact posting
  • Discover purposeful interviewing techniques
  • Understand how to avoid common interview challenges and pitfalls

Leading from Values

  • Explore Integrity as “the value about values”
  • Understand the impact of values on how we do business and treat others
  • Examine the Values Ladder
  • Learn how to link values to results

Managing Change

  • Understand the personal side of change
  • Learn an approach to change management that supports sustained success
  • Examine resistance and how to effectively minimize its impact

Managing Conflict

  • Understand typical responses to conflict
  • Learn root causes of workplace conflict
  • Examine five conflict management approaches
  • Identify behaviors that support productive conflict

New Manager Development

  • Explore the manager role
  • Discuss effective management
  • Learn about mistakes managers make
  • Learn 10 tips for management effectiveness

Respectful Employee Terminations

  • Manage the inherent risks in team member terminations
  • Learn how to effectively manage resignations and terminations
  • Examine termination best practices

Respectful and Inclusive Leadership

  • Understand the impact and implications of a respectful, inclusive workplace
  • Learn how managers support a culture of respect and inclusion
  • Understand microaggressions
  • Learn 8 steps to lead a respectful confrontation

Successful Customer Relationships

  • Understand that internal and external customers require the same general approach
  • Learn 5 steps to a successful customer relationship
  • Examine your organization to identify ways to support elevated customer satisfaction

Understanding Behavioral Styles

  • Learn about 4 behavioral styles
  • Identify our own behavioral style
  • Understand how behavioral styles influence communication
  • Learn strategies to more effectively interact with each style

SwiftLeadership Culture Assessment

A data-driven analytics tool that provides a snapshot of your culture as it exists today and drives you toward targeted training to move the needle on culture.

Through a series of carefully crafted questions, the Culture Assessment garners information from employees and leadership about the current nature of your corporate culture.  Results are presented as real-time metrics that show where you are today, in relation to other companies who have taken the assessment and against an ideal.

The resulting Action Plan targets the SwiftLeadership® Café modules that best address your opportunities and challenges to change the behaviors that drive performance.

SwiftLeadership Culture Assessment Survey

For up to 500 employees, includes a 45 minute debrief – $1,500

SwiftLeadership Café Core Package (6 modules)

6 modules – $650 per month for 6 months ($3,900)*

$650 / month for 6 monthsSign Up Now

SwiftLeadership Café Performance Package (12 modules)

12 modules – $550 per month for 12 months ($6,600)*

$550 / month for 12 monthsSign Up Now

SwiftLeadership Café A la Carte (one module)

$750 each individual module*

SwiftLeadership Café Complete Menu

Complete suite of modules available on your purchase date – $9,000*

* 12 month online hosting period; thereafter, continue online access to purchased modules with regular product updates indefinitely for $50.00 per month

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