Shift your organization into a learning culture

The SwiftLeadership® Café is an internal “leader-led” manager development program that provides on-demand content for your company’s leaders to train other leaders in order to build more effective, engaged teams. The Café’s online platform is easy to use and gives you streamlined access to 20 (and growing) leadership development training topics (modules,) that can be delivered by your leaders to your front-line supervisors in an ongoing (monthly recommended) cadence during regularly scheduled staff meetings.

We provide all of the tools and content that you will need to deliver each module in just 45-60 minute increments, allowing practical leadership skills to be developed within the organization without taking time away from day-to-day business.

The content is updated and new modules are added regularly, so that your team can continue to benefit from the Café over time. To help you get started right away, we also include an initial “Train-the-Trainer” session. Learn more about the SwiftLeadership® Café.

Develop Your People