Shift your organization into a learning culture

SwiftLeadership Café enables your company to stop approaching learning as a single training event and shifts your organization into a learning culture.

SwiftLeadership Café is an off-the-shelf training program that provides organizations the framework to create your own internal leadership development program. Each module is 30-60 minutes in length, allowing practical leadership tools to be developed within the organization without taking time away from your day-to-day business.

Our program is designed to be delivered by your managers to your front-line supervisors during their regularly scheduled staff meetings. This leader-led style gives your managers an opportunity to lead their employees. The topics are designed to be taught in any order, based on the needs of your organization. The entire organization will benefit if it focuses on the same topics at the same time, creating a shared language and builds a leadership culture.

“Effective Communication delivered just what the title promised. After going through this SwiftLeadership Cafe module with the Drift team, we were better able to understand each other’s communication styles, resulting in less miscommunication and increased organizational effectiveness. I still hear team members talking about their communication styles today!

– Whitney Hillis, Drift

Subscribing to SwiftLeadership® Café gives you access to:

  • Customized web portal login access
  • Each module comes with PPT, complete facilitator guide with facilitation instructions, assessment tools, small group exercises and templates
  • “Train-the-trainer” session for all internal facilitators
  • Designed to be delivered by leaders to frontline supervisors during regularly scheduled staff meetings (each module is 30-60 minutes in length)
  • Ability to maintain portal with product updates for a low monthly maintenance fee after initial hosting period

SwiftLeadership® Café Modules:

Building Accountability Into your Team

  • Understand goal setting as an accountability strategy
  • Learn successful goal-setting tactics
  • Learn the four behaviors that build accountability in a team dynamic
  • Practice these behaviors on the job

Conducting Effective Meetings

  • Identify those elements that prevent effective meetings
  • Learn how to plan for a successful meeting
  • Learn tactics to conduct a successful meeting
  • Learn successful follow-up strategies to continue a meeting’s success
  • Practice these meeting strategies on the job

Creating a Shared Team Purpose

  • Understand the formal and informal directions teams can take
  • Learn the 2-step process to determine if your team’s purpose is shared
  • Learn how to create a shared purpose for your team

Creating Effective Teams

  • Understand effective team behaviors
  • Understand the connection between communication and team work
  • Understand the importance of situational awareness on team dynamics
  • Practice team building strategies on the job

Creating Lasting Employee Engagement

  • Understand why employee engagement is critical to organizational success
  • Identify ways to create “sticky” engagement
  • Identify your organization’s current engagement plan – create and/or enhance that plan with new strategies and tactics
  • Learn how to create your own engagement plan

Decision Making in Leadership

  • To understand the process of decision making
  • Learn the “yes, and” concept and put it into practice
  • Learn the 6 Thinking Hats concepts and put them into practice
  • Commit to at least one new behavior to help make decision making better

Effective Coaching

  • Understand coaching employees at different levels
  • Recognize your coaching style
  • Practice coaching on the job

Effective Communication

  • Understand your communication style through a communication assessment
  • Understand how to be more effective given your style
  • Practice communication techniques on the job

Efficient Time Management

  • Understand strategies and tactics to become more effective and efficient in managing your employees
  • Assess your current use of time management
  • Learn steps to regain the valuable time we lose during the course of the day
  • Learn effective strategies for good delegation

High-Impact Hiring

  • Learn the importance of high-impact and values-based hiring
  • Understand how to develop unique competencies for each position
  • Practice and learn the skill of behavioral interviewing
  • Learn how to use an Interview Guide

Leading from Values

  • Build your leadership skills through values
  • Gain a common understanding of values
  • Understand the purpose of values in an organization
  • Learn ways to watch for “values in action” within your organization

Managing Conflict

  • Understand the causes of workplace conflict
  • Learn the four common responses to conflict
  • Learn and practice the five behaviors to resolve conflict
  • Practice these five behaviors in the workplace

New Manager Development

  • Provide tools to your newly or nearly promoted managers to better manage
  • Develop better ways to communicate upwards and also with direct reports
  • Learn the importance of feedback
  • Participate in interactive team building exercises
  • Understand management versus leadership

Respectful and Inclusive Leadership

  • Understand the importance of Diversity in our organization
  • Understand the EEOC and how it impacts diversity
  • Better understand both harassment and discrimination laws to create an inclusive culture

Successful Customer Relationships

  • Learn the causes of customer conflicts
  • Discover new ideas regarding customer retention
  • Learn how to find solutions rather than fault with customers
  • Practice diffusing a difficult customer situation

Understanding Behavioral Styles

  • Learn the four different behavioral styles that affect all of us
  • Understand your own behavioral style
  • Take a behavioral style assessment
  • Understand those we interact with and manage

SwiftLeadership Café Core Package (6 modules)

Receive all 6 modules on date of purchase – $650 per month for 6 months*

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SwiftLeadership Café Performance Package (12 modules)

Receive all 12 modules on date of purchase – $550 per month for 12 months *

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SwiftLeadership Café A la Carte (one module)

$750 each module with online access for 6 months*

SwiftLeadership Café Complete Menu

Complete suite of modules available on your date of purchase with online access for 12 months – $9000*

* Online hosting period; thereafter, continue online access to purchased modules with regular product updates indefinitely for $50.00 per month

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