Fred Holt

Senior Consultant

More About Fred

Fred Holt has more than thirty years of human resources experience with fast-paced, high-growth technology companies. He has extensive senior leadership experience in Human Resources management, and a track record of helping complex organizations maximize their vital human capital to create highly successful enterprises.

His expertise with small and large businesses gained through three decades of consulting and full-time leadership assignments results in a pragmatic approach that serves to align human resource initiatives with business objectives. His areas of expertise include human resource management, recruiting and retention, organization development, and merger and acquisitions analysis and integration.

Fred was Vice President of Human Resources at Photobucket where he was responsible for the design, development and management of Photobucket’s human resources initiatives. ­­Prior to joining Photobucket, Fred was Vice President of Human Resources for Rally Software, the leader in agile application lifecycle management, and previous to Rally, Vice President of Human Resources for Vallent, a global software company serving wireless carriers. Fred holds a BS degree in Psychology from Lake Superior State University and an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Western Michigan University.

In 2014, Fred founded Summit HR Solutions, to provide strategic HR services and products for early-stage companies. Over the years, Summit HR Solutions has served as the outsourced HR function for many early-stage organizations, focusing primarily on hi-technology, knowledge worker-oriented organizations but also effectively outsourcing the HR function to Financial Services, Food & Beverage, and other industry segments. Fred led the company to successful growth and as a result, Summit HR Solutions became a multi-year recipient of the Mercury 100 fast-growth company award.

In 2021 Summit HR Solutions was acquired by Swift HR Solutions after a long-term advisory relationship. Fred continues to offer Training & Development solutions focusing on team development utilizing the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team framework and staff development utilizing the DiSC® suite of tools.