Lisa Lindley

Senior Consultant

“Lisa is the exemplary HR professional: high integrity, interpersonal skills I strive for myself, and an acute ability to apply creativity and clarity to complex situations. Lisa is kind, sincere, thoughtful, and capable. While a consultant by title, she joins the organization like an employee, yet works and thinks like an owner.”

Aaron Morris, President & Owner
Lantern Press

“Lisa has all the important elements – knowledge, experience, communication skills…what I most appreciate is her decisiveness – she doesn’t shrink from the hard conversation or difficult decision.”

Brian Rice, CFO

More About Lisa

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, primarily in small to mid-sized technology companies. Lisa has held senior management roles at several companies, most recently leading the HR function at NetMotion Wireless, Inc. Lisa brings expertise leading a comprehensive mix of HR functions for technology companies experiencing rapid growth and change. She is recognized for a bottom-line orientation and her ability to align HR goals with strategic business objectives.

Lisa prides herself on her common-sense approach to HR and not being “that” HR person. Instead, she focuses on HR practices that are flexible and are congruent with business needs and philosophy, while also contributing to great culture. She is comfortable rolling up her sleeves with day-to-day HR tasks and moments later, engaging in complex strategic discussions. She is approachable and responsive and is able to quickly build strong working relationships with employees and leaders at all levels.

Lisa received her B.A. in Business from the University of Washington Business School. She is an active member of the HR Roundtable (HRRT), a Seattle-based network of HR Professionals in Technology companies.