Swift HR helps you build with intention.

We know early-stage companies sometimes prioritize other activities over focusing on building their company culture. That’s why we are intentionally stage-appropriate and culturally-aligned with our clients. Whether you are an early-stage company or a larger company in need of interim assistance, we can help. Our flexible service levels adapt to any organization.

“Swift HR Solutions has far exceeded our expectations. Our Swifty encouraged us to take a few steps back and look at our plan strategically. I have appreciated so much her leadership and subject matter expertise as she dove into change needed, and the coaching she has done with other team members has been huge. She has far exceeded the expectations I had with regard to the HR support we thought we would receive!”

Emily Anderson, VP Business Operations & General Counsel, ICEBRG, Inc.

Effective HR products and solutions to help organizations at every stage

SwiftHR®-in-a-Box (Earliest Stage)

You can easily ensure HR compliance and best practices are met for your company. SwiftHR®-in-a-Box gives you instant access to all of the HR forms, polices, procedures and regulations you need. These reference tools can be accessed on an “as needed” basis to reduce your risk, save time, preserve capital, build culture, so you can focus on your core business initiatives and driving your company toward success.

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SwiftHR® Onsite & Virtual

One of the best ways to succeed in today’s ever shifting business climate is to utilize outsourced expertise. SwiftHR® Onsite Consultants are seasoned, affordable, HR experts who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. For companies too small or early-stage to afford a full-time resource or for larger organizations looking for interim HR expertise, we manage everything from tactical responsibilities to the most complex strategic issues.

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