Give your managers a boost.

SwiftLeadership Coaches work with leaders and managers to increase their effectiveness and impact across your entire organization and in their teams. Our coaching focuses on the future and fosters individual and group performance.

Our coaches work to accelerate change and provide support as your leaders capitalize on their strengths and identify challenges in their leadership style. They provide individualized and targeted development with your leaders to identify a desired state and outcome, discover what may be holding leaders back, help them identify possibilities and create a new path forward.

Our coaches receive their training through Hudson Coaching Institute of Santa Barbara, one of the world’s premiere coaching programs, and are ICF certified.

“I have had Swift facilitate a number of my strategic sessions. The biggest benefit it has provided me as a CEO was being able to participate in the discussions rather than lead them. Swift is highly skilled in facilitation techniques that keep discussion on point. Swift knows how to draw out participation of all in attendance and deal with the ‘elephant in the room.’ I always considered her a key participant in my strategic planning process.”

Rich Begert, Former CEO, SinglePoint/WirelessServices

Our Hudson Certified SwiftLeadership® Coaches will enable your Leaders to:

  • Develop leadership and management capacities
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Become more self-aware
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Better align with corporate objectives
  • Embrace feedback as an improvement tool
  • Understand the necessity of good communication
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Develop a flexible management style
  • Develop a more efficient talent pool and create loyalty

Develop Your People